You Only Write Once-Boom


The last thing we had heard

The last we lived

The first We died.

Our deaths were a warning.

A sign of revenge

We bombed their ships

They bombed our town

We saw it coming

And they brought us down



What have we done?

We have made a bomb

That dwarfs all others

We think ourselves gods

But we are the devil

For only satan, would use such a thing.

A bomb like this

Should never be made

It is too powerful

Too easy to use



The blast heard world wide

It ended a war

Because no one could hide

How can you flee?

When it comes from above?

When it flattens a town

And incinerate the people

After the blast, there was but an echo

A silence so loud

That it drowned out the horror

For know one had thought 

That we would actually use it


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