Isn't it fun

When your heart threatens to fall out your ass.

When your brain won't cease spitting out rapid-fire bullets labeled

What if

If Only

What about


Maybe Not

and you're hit by every single one.

When the butterflies that everyone talks about

turn into elephants dancing around to the trantella beat.

When that nagging voice is silenced by the feel of freedom found in the chapped pinkness of his lips.

Lips that empty out every doubt with every word.

Lips that have passed more truths and caused more sins than the Christian god can ever hope to forgive.

Lips that have brought me to my knees time and time again.

Lips that begged and pleaded

Lips that saved and sheltered

Lips that asked me to be his for the very last time.

Lips that asked "Will you marry me".

Lips that smiled when I said "Yes".

Lips that will taste blood, fire, smoke and glory.

Lips that I will remember year after year.

Each deployment and each return.

And every time I see him

My heart once again threatens to fall out my ass,

But my head will be silenced by his two gorgeous lips.



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