War On Personal Epiphany


United States
38° 30' 46.3356" N, 121° 29' 49.3044" W

No surgery
Lost limbs
Give a leg
Then ask of him,
Restore my sight
With nothing to hide

He said
She said
Spread it out
Or kill the fad
But the chosen
Can't be said
The radical,
It must be fed
The “all” systems genocide
It's me or him,
To do or die
We're at a loss
To cut all ties

Considered devotions
Of provoked personalities
Have misconceived proportions
Though they're adamant about their crimes
But you can't fight the opposition

We're opposed to
War supposed
So are we supposed to
Give our head shoulders knees and toes to,
Wars you devised
For a country divided?
Should we improvise
Are our deaths decided?
What are we fighting for?
Have we had enough of this?
I've heard enough of war

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