Fri, 10/12/2012 - 00:26 -- Courtzu


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Do not put down my ideas,
Just because you do not agree;

Do not shun me,
Just because you refuse to see;

Do not attack me,
Just because our thoughts differ from each other;

Do not persecute me,
Call me a heretic or crazy;

For I am not insane,
But open minded to all;

You kill for your beliefs,
And they die for theirs;

Why do you believe yours holds more ground then theirs?
Why do their beliefs mean less compared to yours?

Some our older or just as old,
Some are entwined into each other,
However all are twisted from their beginning.

Some ideas have disappeared,
While others are still around,
But not all of them have been forgotten,
They have just lost their zeal and have been upstaged by the mainstreamed ideology.

We as humans should not be the ones to judge,
Because religion is open for interpretation by all,

It is a creation of humankind,
To understand the unexplainable,

So there is no right or wrong answer,
Just different opinions,
And thoughts on why we are all here,

And yet we fight each other as if it matters.
As if by winning the fight, battle or war,
It proves something
But it doesn’t,
It only leaves carnage, disaster, and hatred in its wake.
There should be no pleasure in “proving whose right”
Like this.

We are all just unruly children making mistakes in our lives,
Which individually, most likely won’t matter in the end.
Because in the grand scheme of everything,
We are just tiny ants,
Running around,
Always busy,
Never stopping to think anymore,


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