Learn Thus Sorrow (That I Feel)


United States
33° 29' 45.6756" N, 84° 22' 49.7604" W

Beating to the core
Towards a betrayed Soul
Being pushed out into a sea
Of blood and grief
And yet no one shows empathy to those Who inhale these deadly blows
Low in behold a faint shriek, holding on to its self with a listless heartbeat
"Do not bear me this horror, as though it is a honor that has been bestowed"
For i have become close to the only friends i know: Death, Hate , Mayhem and his darling sister that follows me so, Massacre. With all that is related in flesh, it tears the beating of one nights sleepless rest.
Make me blind so i cannot see your fearsome face,
Make me impaired to deafness, so it may spare my sanity to hear your voice calling out my odious name.
Make me mute, so i may not cry out in warning to the ignorant who spat in my face
Make me disappear, so my soul may wonder, to a better state... "
If one does not have a care to this world and all its fate,
Then this cry shall remain small and faint...
Learn Thus Sorrow that i feel
For my words become faint but my hurt is so real


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