Always Faithful


United States
31° 48' 16.2576" N, 102° 30' 24.696" W

With the bend of a finger
Another man is dead
With a bend of a finger
He’s been shot in his head

A few drops of sweat
Is the release of the face
When a Marine takes his order
To show no mercy, with grace

The sand shifts and inch
When their footsteps pass through
With their bullet proof vests
And their black, three-pound shoes

They think of their families
A risk, it's been said
A loss of concentration
And that Marine could be dead.

We civilians don’t understand
The things that they see
A person so strong
So brave
So courageous and free
A person with the will
To protect people like me.

We can't understand
The bonds that they have
With their comrades and brothers,
A bond closer than their Dad’s

With the bend of a finger
He fires the gun
And just following his orders,
God receives another son.

Semper Fi, says the man
With the gun in his hand
As he walks through the sand
Into the foreign land.


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