They say there patriotic
They fly a flag of lies
They say their bringing freedom
So they kill their fellow kind?
They say our countries worth it
They march in Nazi lines
They say its for their children
So they destroy another's life?
Children watch their fathers take another's pride
while other children cry cause your father took their's life
they Talk about the army 
they say its worth the choice
they say their doing what is right
so they take another's voice?
what is going on in a world filled with war
when all the propaganda questions what were fighting for
what has become of the nation built on pride
when people watch the murder like its entertainment time
our nations gone its been dead for years
we're hanging on to suffrage and fears
war has risen and torn down our lives
yet we pretend like everything's alright
our nation is the greatest
well help you out in time
at least that's how I'm suppose to speak
with a silent mouth and looking at my feet......
This poem is about: 
My country


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