The Enemy


United States
41° 22' 11.2944" N, 81° 16' 26.0652" W

A river runs red
Blood soaks into the ground
Aided by the rain

Corpses litter the field
Bodies with faces
Life lights their eyes no more
What's that young man's name?
No one is sure

He had a home
He had a family
Perhaps he had a lover
To be wed

But now he is just a body
The enemy shan't see
The tears his family sheds

The soldiers complete their mission
Brought the town into submission
In black robes
He visits each fallen man

Death takes them from their world
Into his fiery hell
While their families mourn

An old woman shrieks
And a babe cries
Expressing their grief
All through the night

So don't you see
What war brings?
Death and destruction
For your enemies were people too
With friends and families
Who will never fully recover


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