rasicim insercurities stereotypes 

all so common but all of it bites 

no change no shift 

but who going to change 

especaily when we live in a world where everything that is taught is sane 


Now I'm  telling you this from the bottom of my heart

we are all beautiful 

and theses insercurities need to stop


now listen young love

and you listen well 

when this is coming from a child from a generation that doesn't even write swell 


this is a problem

and it needs to stop

i shouldn't be accused of stealing a car when I don't even live near the block 


Who is this lady

i'll never know

but to her we are all the same and we all look pretty shady

and I guess I can't blame her because to me they all look like Katie 


Hey did you hear me 

I'm screaming the truth

 War suicide 

Ka bam Ja kaboom 


How many people should die before we know

that the life we live is so unrational 

None is the answer

But the question seem to ponder

And I just don't understand what sick person chooses hate over the crumbling future of humanity 


The kids are the future

But the children are not informed 

Throwing slurs just for fun 

I need to be heard 

and I need it now 

Because the future is at store 

Now take a bow


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