A jumble of thoughts

Bunch of nonsense

Meaningless atoms

Combined into ashes

An infinite void

Of blinding black

Of looming white

Everything explodes

Into beautiful nothing

Colors spin into prisms

Coruscating out of sight

Shards of apathy on the floor

Walls broken down

Ripped into shreds

Torn to pieces

Jagged edges piercing lifeless skin

But nothing bleeds out

Everything has left

Nothing remains

Locks of hair tumble away

Like a barren desert

The wasteland lies in sun

Hot and dusty and parched

Fading away in the human mind

A distant memory

Not worth remembering 

It had no life

Only putrid death

The only life worth living

Was one full of trash

Or is that a mistaken concept

About typical humans?

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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