War  a  game  with  death

It  shakes  the  entire  earth
It gives no gain to health
It often ends a man’s breath
And reduces a man’s strength

Vanity is its gain
Vanity is its aim
Vanity is its cause
Death is its effect

Men leave their families and home
To defend their nation alone
They head to war as heroes
and return restless and helpless

They are tormented by the cries of their dying fellow comrades
Tormented by gunshots, bombardment, shellbomb and daily experience at war
Knowing they killed fellow humans tortures them till the end of their days
That is if they survive

Truly power and wealth and fame is earned
But its not worth the lives lost
Its not worth the pain those that survived go through
Or the starvation and torture their families experience

War is a game of pain
It has no worthy gain
Memories of the men they slay
makes even the strongest men go insane.

War is a game with death
An unfair game 

Where those who lose and die are considered winners...



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