I sing

I sing of oppression


and war.

I cry out in depression


and shame

I dream of a day

when we can fly away

from things such as these,

things like anxiety.

These and discrimination

and judgement

and injustice.

I long for the day

our cages are unlocked,

a day when freedom

is a possibility.

A day when equality

and peace

and love

are all acceptable

and not hindered

or shamed by society.

I pray that someday plausibility

is replaced with possibility

and later achievability.

I hope for a day

when everyone can see the beauty

hidden deep within every little thing

the world has to offer.

I wish for a day

when creativity

and expression

are not only accepted,

but embraced.

I ache for a time

when everyone actually does unto others

as they would have done unto them.

I fancy a day when hunger

and thirst

and homelessness

come to an end.

I desire the day when people

do things to help others

simply because it is extremely

emotionally satisfying to see

the look of pure joy on their faces.

I sing of love.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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