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When words can't explain my frustration on how a boy can change your mine completely 

and wouldn't care of the consequences that goes alone with it

How the girl is left crying while the boy smile of compassion knowing he got a piece of you and didn't care to leave a piece for someone else 

It hurts me to see one of my friends get played 

her heart took control instead of using common since 

 A girl would fall to her knees and not try at all to hold on just a bite longer

because some "BOY" likes you

Boys will take a advanced of a girl because the way they can

talk makes you feel love

Like poison we drink to just feel a bite of sympathy of are need to be loved 

But with all your effort of having a companion which leaves

you because the flavor of your love it's enough

 you cry along notice no one is 

wiping your tears

because the person you though would be there for you 

is playing someone else

right in front of your eyes 

but you were so dumb not to notice

because you were too busy stuck in 

the trap of betrayal 



This is a pretty nice piece. I really like how you opened my eyes and made me see a image of a broken heart girl. Nice work


Thanks for the support , glad I could inspire you 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i appreciate this poem because it opens up eyes to everyone as a community and a nation

it's about respect and decency among human beings

well done and said


Thanks for the support and glad I could inspire you 


This is powerful, sis. I like that you are showing the other side of the story of a broken hearted girl when she has been used and abused to the core by some careless, wanna be player. Even though this happens a lot to teens with big hearts it should not be ignored. We need to take this message of this poem to heart so that, sisters, we won't be hurt by a player over and over again. Not only my sisters, but also my brothers who think they are all that and a bag of chips to go stepping on a sister with a big heart. Y'all need to see that you actions do affect those who love deeply and ended scarring them skin deep. I love the poem and the message. God bless you and keep writing on my friend!!!

P.S. Please check out some of my poems when you get a chance. I have new ones posted:)!


Omg thanks you so much for your support and you have to give in order to recieve i will be checking out your poetry because l know its amazing.thank you so much god bless and thanks for the kind words it really brighten up my day

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