Super Special Invisible Man


I hear the music

No one else hears

And I wander through the streets.

I sing along but

They can't see me.

What I have is such a treat!


I'm the invisible man.

Super Special.

Pretty Neat?

I'm the invisible man

I bring justice to those people on the street.


I walk around in circles to activate my shield

my defenses are on high.

I can feel they people look but then

they look right on by.


I'm the invisible man.

Super Special.

Pretty neat.

I'm a hero of this town

I bring laughter to the streets.


Like all super heroes,

my life is unstable.

For years now,

I haven't slept inside or eaten at a table.

I can walk into a building

and no one sees me.

I know it isn't easy,

but it's what I'm meant to be.


I'm the invisible man.

Super Special.

Pretty neat...

I'm not just being ignored

because my life is incomplete.


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