Soldiers Fear


United States
42° 33' 23.4108" N, 114° 28' 22.5228" W

As we walk into the line of fire
Memories start running through our heads
Some of us remember playing with our kids
Others seem to recall when they themselves were kids

Feeling fear mixed with pride
We continue heading for that line of fire
Our lives suddenly flash right before our eyes
We can't help but wonder what's next

We look to the heavens above us
Asking GOD to please watch over our families
Keep them safe and thinking positive
Just for the time I must be away

We will work on getting that peace back
If something shall happen to us
And we cannot make it back home
To care for our own families

Can you please GOD make sure they are safe
And that they understand that I died for our country
Trying to make it a better world for them
But in the meanwhile please watch over us

Keep us thinking good thoughts
And please keep us out of harms way
So we may return to our loved ones
As soon as we are finished fighting for the U.S.A.



Shi Girl

I wrote this poem in December of 2004 for a friend of mine. Love and miss you. RIP.........

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