on this terrible night

Terrible is the night we wait on
When the terrible things arrive.
The blame is placed,
The hand is stilled,
The suspense ticking alive.
Fires all set blazing
Seen from miles around.
Trigger the hint,
Warn the weak,
Of danger nearing the ground.
Screams through the town from the bell tower
Ring in the ears of the sick.
The injured run,
The slaughtered lay,
Waiting for walls to sink in.
Fear in the eyes of the children
Grow with the flames rising height.
They watch their homes,
Burnt and alone,
Die with the ashes tonight.
Longing for hope that is gone,
Tortured right out of their souls,
The parents weep
As if it will keep
Their children’s hearts half whole.
Lightning shoots down from the treetops
And tears rain out of the sky.
A family’s glance
Won’t keep the past
Away, for as long as they tried. 
Dust swirls around in the school yard.
Empty footsteps echo through halls.
Charcoal and black;
Signs never come back
From those who have lost it all.


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