Waiting for Change

I sit here alone in the dark

staring out the window

counting fading stars


Waiting for dreams that will never come true

Waitig for promises to be pursued 

Waiting for the never ending nightmares to stop

Waiting for my mind to fall silent.


But the moments never come

as I watch the moon become the sun 

expelling the shadows of the night

and yet the loneliness of darkness lingers.

There is no comfort in the light 

when all you have left is what you thought last night

when I lost myself in my head 

and my heart stopped beating and shattered.


New eyes are opened and waiting

to see the good in the world 

but watching as people kill out of greed

and see people dying from hate,

and anxiety and fear and sadness come to replace 

the hopeful glow.

No, I don't trust the sun

and I don't trust the night.

I don't trust what I hear

or what lies in my sight.

 So I sit here in silence 

alone in the dark

looking out the window 

counting the fading stars



Waiting for hope,

Waiting for love,

Waiting for change and peace.

Waiting for a silent mind

because I will find that everything is alright.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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