It Is Time To Say Enough

There's been ample bloodshed,

There's been plenty of death.

They've had enough pillage,

They've had enough breath.


They've taken my childhood, 

One I didn't get the chance to know.

It's about time we repay them,

The debts; to a lot we owe:


A life of fear,

A wish for self-demise,

A missing child,

Dirges of cries,


Orphaned children,

Families in pain,

Our very soul is tired,

Our hope they've slain.


First they took our land,

And all that it contained.

While others sat cross-legged

Oblivious to our pain. 


They ambushed us,

They shattered our faith.

They looted our homes,

In our blood they bathed.


But they crave more,

They're gluttonous for dibs.

They'd sell their existence

And stab through a million ribs.


Now, they claim the only thing

We have: our past

Our future, in the endless depths

They cast.


But at this point,

The deficiency will not be the cuff,

Gather your courage, lift your head;

It is time to say enough.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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