A Perfect World


I sit at night, watching the stars

Dreaming of a world without scars


No hate or frears 

No war or tears


A world where no one lies

A world where no one dies


A perfect world to say the least

Where laughter will never cease


All of us a family, sharing a home

Caring and loving in a place to roam


No bleeding or sickness

Just beauty and fairness


Yes, a world where love we would feel

How I wish a world like that could be real



Nice! I really like this! And yes, a utopia would be great. Especially a place where no one was unhappy. And everyone worked together. I love the rhythm of this poem. Great work!


Simple, nice, great poem!


simple and elegant, but I don't feel that you touched the emotion of the poem. I didn't really connect. The imagery is nice, but the emotion isn't quite there. 

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