She's 16 At War


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You see her
She’s 16
The prodigal age
The year of first love and heartbreak, obstacles and triumph
She reads to escape unpleasant realities
She writes to express deepest desires
She draws to indulge in self-created universes
You see her
She’s stuck-up
Too good to interact with people of your kind
She secludes herself into her own little world
She seeks refuge in her peaceful fortress
She fears rejection so much so
It plagues the essence of her being
Infiltrating her mind
Taking reign of her body
Controlling her soul
You see her
She’s fine
Her voice, softer than silk music to your ears
Her smile, so white so pearly, the highlight of your day
Her body, so curvy, so voluptuous the object of your desires
Her eloquent vocabulary too complex for your ignorant comprehension
You see her
She’s 16
She’s at war
With her hear
With her mind
With conflicting thoughts and feelings
Her mind a deadlier battleground than wars before
He said he loved her
He said he’d always be there
But it was just a lie he told to get her prized possession
She didn’t know her heart wasn’t his concern
She said it wasn’t no biggie
As long as he continued to spoon feed her intricate little white lies
His charm was enticing
His words so enticing
His body so inviting
She thought nothing more of herself
Belittling her existence to nothing more than legs, breast and thighs
So he took advantage of the damsel in distress
Her innocence
It’s a precious possession
To be given to the one who will cherish it
There’s more than a bougie demeanor
More than a body you lust after
You, her, me, them, we cannot be bought sold or rented to the highest bidder
Keep your innocence
Save your possession
Cherish your temple
There are no refunds once it’s gone
You are her
She is you
She’s 16
She’s at war
With herself
With society
With expectations
There’s more to her than what meets the eye
I should know
Because I once was her

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I am not a human being. I am a welcome mat that people take and use for their own reasons. I don't know how to overcome it even though I've tried.  Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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