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Where roses meet asphalt
Wither. Rot. Mold. Asphyxiate.
Here lie collapsed towers
Heat. Lost. Combustion. Timber.
Angels fallen trumpet loud
Ashes. Feathers. Triumph. Lore.
Time runs ever odd
Tempo. Ragged. Eternal. Obsolete.

Purged in senseless war
Putrid. Incense. Solemn. Wanton. 
Upheaval spilt all blood
Unstable. Slice. Abdicate. Bacteria.
Reaped by disguised greed
Righteous. blasphemy. dictate. guilt.
Prisoners of corrupt desire
Power. Obstinate. Corporate. Distress.
Omens history has forewarned
Obelisk. Horror. Hallow. Future.
Saboteurs sift comrades’ decay
Scavenge. Scalp. Cannibals. Delirious. 
Earth’s rift is derelict
Elegy. Ragweed. Isolation. Destitute.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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