The Walls


Dear my Love, the walls have fallen,

The stones and mortar have given way.

Authorities have not yet told

If it were attack, or mere decay.

The resting village still lies in peace,

Though soon each man will raise his sleepy head

And see with eyes the lost defense,

And everywhere will chaos spread.

If God be in his kingdom

There may be no damage done,

Though heaven knows these hopeless souls

Aren't as fortunate as some.

It may so stand that the walls did fall

By mother Gaia's doing,

But be this kingdom under siege,

The Fates would have us losing.

The Queen, so meek, though bless her soul,

Would sure have us surrender;

The tummult of another war

Would be enough to end her.

So dear my Love,

Do pray this story has a happy ending,

Though no words at all are prayer enough

To fix a heart in need of mending.

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