She has a jealous spirit that kind that is so good at wearing a mask you have to ask yourself

Have I ever seen its true face
She wears a jealous spirit , not on her sleeve but on her tongue, her weapon of choice wet by the tears of those she offended
Do you realize you have been oppressed instead of defended 
A small army of blades slashing through skin like a sport
Silver biting into flesh , bodies shaking , jerking, faces contort
This is pain
This is what flood gates of agony look like when they burst open from the rain 
This has been One drop to many 
but a mans life now adays ain't worth a shit let alone a shiny penny 
And she wears her face still
Shooting daggers into our will
Power running thin she reminds us this meat suit is no shield 
Begging for pain to stop but We're only human , it takes time to heal 
Our tortured and bloody flesh she has made a meal, 
And it's so cold here .
Her jealousy is tangible,
Like hanging ropes , 
the reason black girls are cursed with short hair
No one wants to choke 
Kinky black strands suffocating our throats and we remember ,
It's the middle of July but her frost bites like December  
bodies fall like tall trees without a voice screaming timber
coward authours will say this is the home of the brave
And she has done nothing but made us all slaves
to many to count have become afraid, 
the blood soaked soil a mass grave
But as you step onto the battlefield
unequipped , no weapon to yeild
dont expect a helping hand
she feasts to quickly on a fallen man
for the rule book states
To play the game, accept the stakes
united in the way promises break
but while you're here enjoy your stay
this is after All The USA
 And She has such a jealous spirit
Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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