It's A 911


Taken by surprise, shock fill my veins,

right here I stand, staring towards the crashed plane.

How big is that hole?

On that plane, one building to many souls?

Aas that an accident? a possible mistake?

Iquestion myself, but my blood fills with hate.

The smoke grows wide, it grows so deep,

all around me, the people weep.

I stare in horror, I stare in hate,

I was about to go in that building, pure luck I was late.

Gasps feel the air, a plane flys low,

into the building, the second plane continues to go.

It cant be accident, it cant be fate,

it was on purpose, a heart filled with hate.

Moments of silence pass us by,

with only the burning buildings filling the sky.

News reporters scramble, people just stare,

safety goes off, to give their care.

That building, the top, it just dissapeared,

a pillar of smoke begins to appear.

Awall of debree, a wall of dust

chases after me, I run with a hust.

People scream and run, confusion in each eye.

What about their loved ones, is it possible they could die?

I fall,

papers, pieces of desk, cover us all.

This couldn't be, cannot happen, never could we see,

that one day this would happen to our country.

The lives that're lost,

of this we never thought.

Not one sound touches the air,

no one dares to move a hair.

Phones break the silence, and the fire engine calls.

There's more that happened than what we saw.

The pentagon crashed into...

how many lives lost? Many or a few?

The white house nearly attacked,

yet those passengers, they fought back.


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