A Reflection is All We Have in Common


United States
40° 42' 47.5704" N, 74° 12' 43.4268" W

One brain for admission
Two to commence the submission
Three for a laugh track
Four the media is out of whack
Bashing is on my resume
You want my soul, how much will you pay
The twisting of ones words, oh ellipses
You're more important, so forget the misses
Tamper with all the interrogating footage, use my face
Give them a burning paper trail to trace
I'm waiting like a pigeon on a telephone wire
Left or right wing, what a comical satire
Come close, let me be clearer
You and your enemy share the same mirror
Your contradicting the pain your inflicting
Leave it, hands to do the restricting
Stop... read the teleprompter
Oh the dove is bleeding
My respect for you is receding
The olive branch wilts, no need to sublet
Put a stamp on it, ha another reject
Should of stuck with the king
Now we have more necks to wring
Crush my larynx, become a federalist by default
Collect freedom by pouring buckets of salt
Stop pointing fingers, take the blame
A real enemy tells you their name
Wolf take off your fleece
Forget morals, I'll rip the lease
I feel a Mary-Sue presence afoot
Spread the gasoline, I'll clean up the soot
Come close, let me be clearer
You and your enemy share the same mirror


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