How Fortunate


I can not feel at ease

with so much chaos over seas

when so many die from my disease.

I can not get through the day

knowing that others can't eat

can't afford shoes for their feet

and can't find kindness in the streets.

We've been raising kids with a lack of hope

the context of their dreams are crushed with dope

it is the only way they know to deal and cope.

What went wrong.

And without the pope not seeing any other way to get by

not realizing the other ways to get high

not knowing the secrets of life that they hide

From you, there's so much more than they've shared

you're gonna have to trust me

open your eyes, don't be scared

your journey is not theirs

and that is beautiful.

it is up to you to find your truth

with each breath in out

take in the moment, absorb it

make it yours.

Never lose the ability to feel

to grow

to change

it is your entity that will transpire

through the energies and opportunities.

How fortunate


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