Tears of 2015

Tue, 11/17/2015 - 19:44 -- T-Truth

See as it comes towards the seasons of celebrations , 

it saddens me to be the one who brings commiserations ,

A year we entered  with nothing but hope ,

Now comes towards the end as the world as we know it struggles to hold onto the right end of the rope,

Some of you won’t want to hear what i have to say,

But i once was told the world doesn’t like those with their eyes open , 

January 7th 2015

I dont condone their actions , 

But neither do i condone the re-actions,

12 killed , 11 in critical condition all in the city of love ,

If this was any sign of the year to come what hope was we suppose to have,

January 8th 2015

As the world recovers from one tragedy , 

Nigeria reports another act of savagery ,

Hundreds if not thousands reported deceased citizens ,

Are you starting to picture this ,

February 6th 2015

As the remaining citizens prepare to go and vote so their voices can be heard,

The opportunity they have waited for is ripped out of their hands, elections are postponed because of the fear of death,

February 15th 2015

21 Egyptian Coptic Christians are beheaded because of their religious beliefs , 

All i can wonder is, what does our father thou art in heaven think of what he sees, 

March 18th 2015

20 more are killed whilst taking in the graces of history, 

Tunisia mourns without knowledge of why this has happened its all a big mystery,

March 20 2015

140 killed whilst in the house of the lord and on their knees,

Do we still think this was a good year please ?

April 2nd 2015, 

June 26th 2015

October 3rd 2015

November 13th 2015,

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