Four Horsemen

There are four horseman on a hill

Death, Famine, Pestilence, and War

There’s four horsemen on a hill

Laughing, singing, and having a good time,

There’s four horsemen on a hill,

La de da, la de da

There’s four horsemen on a hill

Then War comes riding down

And the fighting starts among the people

And War laughs among them

Pestilence shakes her green head

And rides down to join her sister

Quick at Pestilence heel is her twin

Fair Famine and her starving steed

Nip at everyone and everything

They’re here to bleach the land

Leach it in preparation for the last

There were four horsemen on a hill

And the last comes riding down on a white horse

Fairest of them all

Final of the finality

Here comes Death,

White horsemen

Caretaker of those her sisters have afflicted

She takes War’s victims

Those who fought their mothers and brothers

She takes those who feel Pestilence reach

And the sick find their rest in her

And last of all, she takes the starving

Those of Famine’s own design

They will hunger no more

There are four horsemen on a hill

And a swathe of destruction behind them


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