If there were no rainbows, we would not have people quoting

   that thing that people say, when they don’t know how to help

        you but want you to cheer up- “everybody wants to be happy, 

           no one wants to be in pain. But before you can have a rainbow,

                 you’ve gotta have some rain.” And there would not be any 

                      pulchritudinous combination of light and water vapor in the sky, 

                           after a heavy storm. And we would have even less of a reason 

                               to look up at the sky, and appreciate just another perk of being 

                                   alive. But you know, maybe if there were no rainbows, that man       

                                        on the bike, that delivers the paper, would not have driven  

                                                right into the garbage can today. And maybe in 

                                             their absence, a child would not hear the first 

                                          lie they were told, about how God is happy 

                                      with us, and this is his way of showing it. Not

                                  when bullets are still flying and people still 

                              dying, in the other place, where the air is 

                           too polluted for kids to see the sky. Or the

                       real sky atleast. But who’s to say which 

                   sky is the real sky, when most of us can’t 

                even decide on what to eat, and just eat 

                    everything so don’t have to choose. 

                           And who’s to decide whether or

                                  not it’s actually wrong to lie 

                                     about this to a child. They’ll  

                                          have to get used to being 

                                             deceived eventually, 

                                                  right? Why not start 

                                                      with something that 

                                                          doesn’t hurt. Like 




This is amazing. The whole lightning bolt shape adds to the effect but the poem kicks ass even on it's own. Great job.


I think I'm kinda starting to see the rainbow shape... Jk ;D Awesome poem and props for using "pulchritudinous" in a totally not awkward, surprisingly badass way. You make it look easy :)

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