What would you change?

What would I change? 

I would take away the hurt. the pain. 

The hate we Americans still servin' 

racism, sexism,

all their criticisms.

passed down to their child 


What would I change?

The mind of the guy who pulled that trigger last night.

kept my family scared, paranoid, 

wishing they could avoid

that feeling. 

the pain unsafe, unsafe to sleep.


What would i change? 

Going house to house

on her knees begging for just a grain of rice.

her 5 year old son wipin' away her tears sliding down her dark and dirty cheek

or that woman, her husband abandoned her

she found happiness inside another man's eyes soon after

But too soon after, she was beat and bruised.

parying to God, Why, and how she deserved this way of life.

the pain of abuse. the pain of hunger. hunger to be loved. 


What would I change? 

I would change the Blanket of Pain

swept upon our world.







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