My Common Sense


United States
32° 29' 16.314" N, 93° 54' 59.2524" W

I love when our eyes collide,
and the time afterward when the awkwardness subsides,
I gaze into the blaze of your iris
Inside, where truth lies

Truth is I can never see myself only the reflection
Trusting that one sense,
Non-sense, True deception.
Excuse my recollection but let me mention this,

Call me a mad man but don't you think its sad when,
We only truth that one sense God gave us.
Now, I'm no shaman, but even I don't think sense is that common.
So know what you stand for so you wont fall like the forgotten.

You could fall for a doll
Give her your all
She's you baby,
Call her safety.
But lately things been shaky,
So your baby has crawled along,
On the next track, now she's a sorrowful song.
Remember all is fair in Love's Brawl

Gosh, I'm sorry y'all (._.)
I often drift when i reminisce on my past
Because at last i found my present,
The present is a gift,
And my present is my future.

That gaze that blazes me to memories bliss.
I love when we kiss.


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