Was It Real


The reason why I try to hide the way I feel inside is because of the fact you seem to have to much pride, 

do you even care about me as I do you, were you ever really in love, Was that a honest lie or was it the honest truth

 why try to drag me along when you don't seem to act like you care about my feelings, I constantly give in only to realize that this did not just began,

but deep down within you knew my heart, and obviously you look at me as if you're done or as if you never loved me, as if you want us to be apart

should I Stay or should I go, my mind is telling me yes but my heart is telling me no

is it hard to show affection; you got me stressing like nothing will ever be the same, but relationships will never reach the goal of perfection

I was hypnotized by all of your lies and I don't want you to apologize; in the end you meant nothing and its crazy because I always viewed you as somthing.




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