The Train


Surrounded by our elements

Feeling out of place

Neither of us dared to ruin the moment

It’s coming—our bitter enemy

The end, the war—our nemesis


We were warned

No attention was heeded

There was no chance to escape

Just one sacrifice to be made—not one but many

The draft hollered out the numbers

Your number was called

Your days were counted


These salty tears attended your departure

The rain were our tears

The murky clouds were like the smoke from the bombs


I watched as you ascended in the train

It was spewing out the youth of the young men—the inexperienced

Their mother’s tears and their lover’s tears merged into the drizzling rain

The mother’s waved goodbye and turned their backs

Some never lost sight for it could’ve been the last time being together

The sweethearts parted with a token of their love

A young girl twisted her ring as her fiancée said goodbye


The elements had changed

The end became the beginning

The train rolled in

It came back—half empty

Without you it came home—half empty


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