mindless zombies

dear mindless zombies

also known as society

why do we not learn?

from our history


following through the commands


because of the sly speeches

in germany in 1993

till today

falling for false promises

in america 2018.


we choose to ignore

accept to go through

all and every piece

of tyranny


they chose to

close our eyes

open our ears

and shut down

our hearts

our brains dead

so, we just follow them



seeing someone in power and authority

so, we decide

how on earth can they be wrong

can they?


they say shoot

we shoot

they say kill

we kill

they say have no mercy

we show no mercy


they say go and finish

we question should we?

but we do

cause they have power

and we must do


as long as you see a guy

in a suit and tie

i’ll see another nazi guy.


would u fall for such a guy?

we all have been

but could you?

we all have been

and in a mind

like this we always will

This poem is about: 
Our world


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