Why do I feel distressed?

For my opulence,

Luxury or success.


Look,  I did nothing wrong

I was born,

Born in a country where I didn’t have to stay obscure,
I was born,

Born in a place I wasn't forced to endure

No guns, missiles, or ammunition.

I’ve never seen blood and gore.


I was just born.

Born to serve, not warn.

Born to serve my mother,

Born to serve God

Born to serve the citizens


When they say education is key,

Why do I feel distressed?

Because I had a History class,

Where my classmates and I

Acknowledged the brutal reality

That the world is not a harmonious place


I was born free.

I could walk down the street.

Without worrying about a thing.

Why should  I feel distressed?


Maybe because it’s not easy to forget..


Thousands of miles away,

There’s a place where parents are dying from broken hearts

Children being attacked with chlorine bombs,

With no place to call home,

No safe haven.


The world is silent.


We talk about equality and humanity.

But tell me why all of the greatest armies in the world

Are not rushing to the victims in Syria right at this moment?


We turned our backs on them.

Nobody speaks until it's them who suffers.


We have what they dream about having every single night.

It is perfectly reasonable for me,

To feel distressed.


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My country
Our world
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