War's Winners

Safe families

Safe cities

Safe countries

Safe men

Then war starts

Tearing lovers

And sisters and brothers


Bombing cities but breaking hearts


Frightened families

Frightened cities

Frightened countries

Frightened men

Then real danger comes

To hear the blasts

To hear a boom

For their new home

To be a tomb


Captured families

Captured cities

Captured countries

Captured men

They think back to being free

Back to when they could be

More than just another number

More than another casualty

Someone home, not overseas


Wounded families

Wounded cities

Wounded countries

Wounded men

They learn new types of pain

Men praying for rain

Hoping the sky would drop water

But wait, that's not thunder,

Someone lost a son or daughter


Broken families

Broken cities

Broken countries

Broken men

People had never been more together

To see how they rise up

And work as one

But just because they're a team

Doesn't mean they've won


Victorious families

Victorious cities

Victorious countries

Victorious men

They've never lost so much

When loved ones are brought home

Their hands are cold to touch

No more warmth and life

A new widow, barely a wife


Free families

Free cities

Free countries

Free men

They've never carried so many chains

They've never felt so much pain

Never seen such terrible rain,

Pouring bombs instead of water

They never wished for this kind of change

This poem is about: 
Our world


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