War is a terrible monster,

     it devours everything in its path,

          and leaves only destruction and ruin behind.

War is like a spider,

     it waits for countries to become ensnared 

          in its web of destruction.

War is like a flame,

     a spark ingnited between two peoples 

          turns into a raging wildfire,

Its flames lick at the borders of other countries.

     and when they come to extinguish it

          the fire only gains momentum.

War is like an untended weed in a garden,

     it becomes overgrown,

          and chokes out everything around it.

War is a dark and dismal thing,

     it brings only sadness and grief.

And the only thing, standing between war,

     and world domination,

               is Love.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet


i agree

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