in the bones

Fri, 10/26/2018 - 16:00 -- asvensk


In angry lines they crawl along the road

The blood and sweat drenching their worn soles,

Their barracks built with bullet holes

Now walk the soiled highways home

Another mile on broken bones

Dead men born on dreams in loam


Smokestack stones mark spilling pits

Friendly fire counterfeits

Scared corpses signed by rusty pins

Still paying for their father’s sins


But woe, to reach the hallowed 'bode

The ruins of their cities old

The Empty frames of family homes

What a waste of life you’ve grown


The Silence crumbles what the bombs left whole


Der Krieg ist vorbei,

der Tod hat gewonnen,


Retching into empty hands that carry all they own,

No one ever wins the war that’s written in their bones.



Pacifists in pigeon holes

Protesting human coals

With rifle ideology and blasting cap naivete,

March lines over the corpses three

Of life, and love, and liberty


This war isn’t over

Their sons are still dead

With War paint of bile and Mouths full of lead

In uniform coffins last words left unsaid


Crawl along my darling,

Crawl along my son,

Hells gates are open

Heaven's bell is rung

Where bullets fly eternal

And the heating bill is free

Where, the children of the ashes

Never admit defeat


Der Krieg ist vorbei,

Vergib mir meinen ohne.


It’s crushed on their altars

It’s stained in their souls

Watching from the shadows

It is carved in the bones


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Our world


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