Daydreams of you

I needed you to say something magically mind altering. Something that would knock me off course with very weak knees, leaving me lingering on your every word like an obtuse cobra swaying into a hypnotic trance.

I desired you to act out an expression of undying love in the deepest part of my heart. An act that not only could, but would start wars..

Blindly blazing a gravity defying love that not even the stars in the sky could deny! Immortalizing us as our hearts gave birth to a thundering new universe, marking the earth in remembrance of our declaration for any and all to see. Merging our souls so one will never be without the other, Even if later on it was something we both came to wish for.

I’m sorry, forgive me-

I have just come to realize what a hopeless romantic I truly am.   

Because I never heard those words made of magic that could have changed our destiny. So there was no magic spell that would make my knees go weak, and we never started our era of love, declaring a war on death. Meaning there was no mark to leave so we could remember our story, our fate.

Sadly I don’t think I will ever know what your undying love looks like.

So we will never get to have that moment that was meant to be only ours.
Our epic moment belonging to legends.

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