My War with Heaven

My War with Heaven- Stella D’Vine

You are the fallen angel that has casted a spell upon me.

I am the mere peasant that is awed by your beauty

Your skin so smooth and flawless and a rich chocolate color

Your hair coarse and curly travelling against my delicate fingers

Your face rough and rugged with years of wisdom and facial hair

Your body bare and raw from the fall to Earth


This is my war with Heaven

The temptation of the unknown makes me curious

This is my war with Heaven


With every flutter of his wings, they release a sweet aroma

An aroma so pure and sweet that I can only inhale it more and more

They expand over him like a halo blocking out the bright sun

My war with Heaven will always be falling in love with a fallen angel

I am a sinner and my sins have led me to the fallen.

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