Brave Soldier

Stand tall and march with confidence,

Do not breathe fear or the enemy will sense it,

When you bleed you are only to bleed victory, 

Shoot the enemy, young soldier

But young soldier, keep in mind, 

When you shoot a man, 

You are not only shooting the enemy, but you are shooting

His Children, who will cry and gather around his corpse

His Lover, who will offer her life to the heavens in misery

And The Creator, who molded this man out of His very blood and body

When you a shoot a child, 

You are not only shooting a young girl or young boy, but you are shooting

His Mother and father, who raised their child through tears and love,

His Future, which shines brighter than the sun you look forward to in the morning, 

And The Creator, who breathed life into this child

When you shoot a woman, 

You are not only shooting a worthless female, but you are shooting

Her Children, who will mourn for her

Her Husband, who will seek revenge upon you and your descendants,

And The Creator, who danced with this beautiful lady and kissed her cheek with joy

Keep in mind, young soldier, that the last man standing is not always the victor



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