Little Bit Stronger


I've been where you are

That place where nothing seems to make sense 

That place where it's you against the world

I've been there 


I've been to that place 

Where your best friends turn into your worst enemies

You thought you could trust them

But it only feels like a battlefield


How about those days where you can't even get out of bed

You just lay there

Ashamed of your scars

And scared of the what if's


Once you finally get enough strength to get dressed, eat breakfast, and go to school

All the teachers yell at you for wasting their time

I'm sorry! I can't help that it's hard for me to focus

Maybe I'm just stupid


All the students laugh at me 

"She's never going to make in the real world"

"Why does she even try"

They make me want to cry


And they all say don't listen to them

But when enough people tell you the same thing over and over again

You start to believe it

Maybe there is something wrong with me


And then with all the crap you're struggling with

There's this one guy appears

He seems so old and wise 

Through your drunk, intoxicated eyes


He has been where you're at

And you're thinking he's the one

How foolish were you to believe that something actually good has begun

Because he never cared about you, he just wanted to have a little fun


But with every cut

With every insult

With every heartbreak

You get a little bit stronger


With every day you come home crying

And you can't sleep at night 

Cause you feel like dying

You get a little bit stronger


So why so down soldier

Your war isn't over yet

You'll get shot and wounded

But don't you dare fret


There'll be days where you're down

And days where you're up

Mistakes will happen

It's okay to fuck up


But please remember this 

Just get through today

Because tomorrow's a brand new day

Everything is going to be okay

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