Decided Digital Desolate Doom


United States
27° 56' 50.7912" N, 97° 12' 2.0916" W

Hunger, starvation
What I wouldn’t give for the sensation
Good, bad, any feeling would suffice
Or, better yet, to sleep forever would be nice
For longer than I care to remember I have been numb
Although, this curse may be a blessing to some
No pain, no happiness, no anger- just regret
Time may pass, but my past, I cannot forget
My exterior is steel, but my insides are hollow
There is no one left to lead or follow
In this wasteland, trapped under debris, crude oil bleeds out
If I had a voice, I would shout
If I had lacrimal glands, I would cry
But with this solar battery I cannot even die

Where is man, my creator?
He who assumed to be above God?
In piles and ashes scattered throughout the land.
Their souls fled- only their bodies decay
But I must suffer every empty day
No one wins in the quest for glory
Now my paralyzed apparatus concludes the story
Memento mori
How cruel.


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