The task at hand

He can only see what he remembers
He can only remember
That which he wishes to forget

The only thing that matters
The only thing that pains enough to shatter
The heart he feels he doesn’t deserve
All on his conscience, quite the curve

“I’m just a dead man,” he says inside
“I shouldn’t be alive, I deserve to die.”
But he doesn’t wear it on his sleeve
And tries, instead, to hide the grief

He sees not the point of living,
Yet all the same he goes on giving
Purpose to himself,
Albeit, with no one to help

As the sea of clouds rock and sway
He’s conflicted, as to what is night
And what is day

Hiding here in plain sight
Aboard this iron air behemoth
Inside a maelstrom,
The closest point in life to a zenith

The shirt and slax, old and laxed
The hat on his head, faded
The uniform he wears, indeed, dated

Doing it’s job all the same,
Keeping the ruse up,
And the truth hidden, safe

“This job is important.” He tells himself
Failure, an option? Not much help
Do or die is the way of war
And war,
Well… that’s all the world knows anymore

A three way stand off
Between water, earth and sky
It’s serve and die
Or live without purpose
The world has disavowed all liberties,
Including hapious corpous

But he found himself the logical solution
Be a thief and thrive on corruption
War is won without rules
It’s the name of the game
Thieving, different, but just the same

Living on the run is the same as being free
If freedom is being shackled to the warring machine
So he’ll do his job, & he’ll do it well
Risking life and death, & going to hell

He marches along behind the others
The others, not knowing his uniform’s a cover
“The job is simple,” or so he thought
Not so much if he gets caught

“I’ve been on this ship for three days now.
I know their routines, & I know how
It has to be done, it’s never or now.”
But “now” will have to wait
As the clouds are bearing down

He can’t be sure, & destiny has other plans
He has a stalker While here above the badlands
He’s known he’s been being watched
Since the first moment on deck
He hate’s this feeling, keeping having to check

Given the unlikely chance that someone new the truth
He has to wonder “how did they see through my ruse?”
His face hidden by the shadow of the cap
Whatever the case, he’d have to watch his back

He carried on his duties from dawn until dusk
He couldn’t wait to leave this ship in the dust

Then there was another recruit who didn’t belong
She? I mean he… was too happy, always singing a song
His eyes were least to say, unique
With a dark sheen, almost like ink
He didn’t know how, he didn’t know when
Is this person foe or friend?


This poem is about: 
Our world


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