My Character


United States
33° 55' 44.7564" N, 84° 28' 11.1576" W

I was judged before I even came out my mother's womb
I was counted out and scorned despite my inner beauty
All thanks to Jim Crow
Thanks for your ridiculous laws based upon my ethnicity
You determined how I was supposed to be treated based on the abundance
of melanin in my skin
Thanks to Jim Crow I have to be treated inhumane
Like I don't have the same two legs arms and feet like most people
are equipped with
I can't go to public restrooms, restaraunts,or even classrooms
To get the same education that my white brothers and sisters get
All because of my race
Such a disgrace
The angst on my face as I sit an ponder of all the things to judge me off of
You chose the most shallow and superficial thing
My physical Appearance
Not once did you give my character a Clearance
Nor my integrity or my etiquette
Instead you based it off of my physical appearance
Not once did you give my character a Clearance
You never seen me in jail
Not once did I ever have to post bail
Nor have you seen me on the streets
Instead you chose me because Im Black
Thank God For Martin Luther King
Who made it clear that its not by our color gender sex or creed
But by our Character
So please give my Character a Clearance before you
Reject my Physical Appearance

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