I see thing in silk screens

I see things in silk screens

Bearing witness to a haunting scene

Fetch the 


Distraction of horror

The Holy Ghost lurks in vindication

shadows hold spirits more true

suddenly shock funds the addict spark


To a river bed? No. 

Surely misfortunes contaminate the stream

Drop the balance sheet

Chemical unbalance knows no Justice


World, it was already made before. 

spilling needles into soft love

terror over ideas, being melted into minutes

meetings turn into 


Soul knows No pain

knows mine in a special way

parts of me I'm scared to know

sensitivity tells me no

is that why I believe in something - someone I don't know?


My mind knows no end

Spilling over the river bend,

can it ever grasp the things I yearn to know?

Or am I stagnated into the unknown?


Spilling needles is a crime to her

Justice know no pain belonging to them

others bear no name

shot over by the plane 

flyign above the same

silent witnesses to a never ending 


Seeing things in silks screens

Bleeding pain for things I don't yet know

Red spills into a black void

Facts stitched together to mean something 

Something I'm not ready to know-




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