SheI wake up in my queen bed that i have all to myselfShe​ wakes up on a twin sized cot with a brother on each sideI trudge to the kitchen already complaining about the assortment of cereals my mother picked for the weekShe​ wonders if she’ll eat todayI rant about my hatred of school and all the work and tests and projectsShe​ wishes she could get an educationI go out to eat with my friends every wednesday afternoonShe​ buried her best friend just two days agoI dread the early sunday mornings of going to hour long services at churchShe​ hopes that one day she will have this so called “religious freedom”- A concept foreign to her peopleI am afraid of the hail storms in the forecast this time of yearShe​ remains calm and collected as the bomb sirens go off for the 5th time this week I am aware of current events, spreading the word, telling people it’s wrong and unfairShe​ sees the way I live as a dream,wishes one day she could live “there” I live in my own worldShe lives in hersCrazy to thinkWe are from the same earthLet alone,from the same universe

This poem is about: 
Our world


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