Black Mirror

Anxiety stirs my stomach like a lost ship at sea. 

I have no control 

which way the wind is blowing.

I'm alone.


You were mean it was kind. 

You couldn't tell the truth if your life depended on it.

You captivated my blindness.  

You had my heart beating upside down 

My head spinning like a pinwheel. 


 I see dangerous colors

 fluttering in the wind.

 Butterflies hundreds of them 

 cursed my existence.

 They swallowed me up

 whispering I love you. 


Three simple words become

a weapon that rages war 

against my heart.

This pain is your muse.

Within the fire I'm fragmented 

like an opal stone. 


The rebirth of my warrior spirit 

reflecting the light even in the darkest times. 

I began to cut your source of control

the rope of enslavement.


Outwards I fall slowly 

finally shattering to the floor

like a rain drop saying hello. 

There I was left in pieces.

You towered over me like

an old tree to weak to see

your own strength. 


High above you take 

no responsibility.

Manipulatively carving

o l v e into my skin.

My empty thoughts

stuck on repeat.


I wanted it to stop.

I wanted you to go away.

I wanted the word love to go away. 

I wanted to start loving myself again.


You became out of touch with yourself.

It's like I can see you through a black mirror.

I'm screaming your name hopelessly. 

When will you realize your killing the 

one you love..


Do you dare to look into a black mirror finally a glimpse of everything you had never seen?

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