Story of War


International relations
Gnashing their teeth
Stomping their feet
To the beat
Of peace
They hope to find in signed
By declerations of war
Stirring up unity
Among divisions
Make love
Not signs
Picket lines and battle cries
Mechanic fire
White hot desire
To serve and protect
Protect and defend
A gentlemans war
Steal, kill and destroy
And oh boy
This is not out fight
But we flee from flight
We'll stand and unite
Under the white
Of the blazing sun
Pouring red over the land
Not our hands
Just our hearts
Tanks provide the beat
The desert
The heat
Our brains begin to seep
Upon the masses
Democracy rising from
The ashes
Of those mistaken for martyrs
Flags flame the fire
Undulating to the reverbations
Of revolution


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