Checks and Balances


I was born into a world in which I don’t understand,

A metaphysical dilemma portrayed as wonderland.

Consistently told what to do,

But we call this the “land of the free”.

If these shackles weren’t holding us,

Then maybe that’s something I could believe.

What shackles hold me?

You really can’t tell?

I am colored and a woman

And I am still for sale.

She still looking back,

So she can never move forward,

But how can I let go,

When slavery isn’t over?

See way back then they had this game,

It was called segregate the niggers and make them slaves!

Make them work all day for scraps and pieces

But strip them of their culture, and stack them on boats to lie in their own feces.

You’re telling me I am equal,

You say it’s okay,

But how can this be when you never had been treated this way.

You don’t carry my history or feel my rage,

You know who you are, you never been in a cage.

I am what I am and I cannot assimilate,

My behaviors are learned, simply movements I immolate.

You take all that I love in locked it away,

Then try to hold my hand and help me pray!

The scales were never equal and you knew it from day one

Said you gave us a chance when there was none.

You made me stand up in school and salute to a flag,

We fight for a country that will never have our back.

My brother made a choice

And his whole country was against him

You think I am exaggerating then check his defense work.

It reads United States of America versus Darien Harris.

How he suppose to fight a country with 2 fists and a spirit.

You never gave him a chance,

You set him up to fail,

Told us we have freedom but it comes at a 50,000 dollar bail.

You want me to love a country that has never loved me.

You want me to be a part of this corrupt entity.

I might play your game and dance like your puppet,

But I am in training to be your greatest threat and you don’t even know it.



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